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Gluten – why to give it a rest

‘Gluten causes tiredness, anxiety and stress. The medical world accepts it can damage the gut, but it can also damage the brain, skin and nerves. Until now, many of these illnesses have been blamed on everything, from stress at home, to other medical conditions, including depression’ Dr. Rodney Ford, NZ World-Renowned Food-Allergy Expert.   Gluten […]

Forget Meat. Forget Fake Meat. Eat Real Plants.

‘PBMAs [plant-based meat alternatives] may have some role in improving human and planetary health, but there is no evidence to suggest that they can substitute for healthy diets focused on minimally processed plant foods. Nutrition policies and dietary guidelines should continue to emphasize a diet rich in plant-based foods such as nuts, seeds, and legumes […]

Calcium Myths – how do I get my calcium?

Calcium is one of the most important and abundant minerals in the human body. Your bones are living tissue made of a protein-based matrix onto which hard minerals such as calcium and silicon are deposited. The heart, muscles, blood, nerves, cell membranes and bone structures all rely on calcium. The calcium in plant foods is […]

Soybeans, marketing, agendas and the scientific truth

This article was published by John Robbins on December 19, 2012.   In recent years, I’ve received quite a number of requests from people asking for my views on soy products. Many of these inquiries have mentioned a stridently anti-soy article written by Sally Fallon and Mary G. Enig, titled “Tragedy and Hype,” that has […]

Eat a Local, Seasonal, Balanced, Plant-Based Wholefood Diet (Golden Rule #7)

Good quality vegetables are essential to life and they should form the biggest part of the diet. Eating and ingesting a wide variety of vegetable nutrients gives you a strong gastrointestinal and immune system, a powerful heart, improved eyesight, a protected brain, increased fat-loss and weight-management and a far lower risk of almost every disease […]

Eating traditionally made tofu helps prevent breast cancer

Emerging research again confirms long-standing epidemiological data that eating traditionally made whole soybean foods, such as tofu, may decrease the occurrence of breast cancer. Women in Asian countries, who consume high amounts of these natural foods, have breast cancer rates up to five times lower than those in the West¹. Interestingly, the daughters of Asian […]

Record of all References – Alphabetical Order

Below is a comprehensive record of all the references mentioned in our articles, these are in alphabetical order by the article title. Eating traditionally made tofu helps prevent breast cancer Ferlay J, Bray F, Pisani P. Cancer incidence, mortality and prevalence worldwide. IARC Cancer Base no. 5. Lyon: IARC Press; 2004. Ziegler RG, Hoover RN, Pike […]

Fermented Indonesian super-food found to lower cholesterol and help prevent heart attacks

Tempeh (pronounced ‘tem-pay’ or ‘tem-peh’) is a natural staple food in Indonesia but a relatively new and unusual food to Kiwis. In many Asian countries, people consume fermented tempeh every day for the extraordinary ‘long healthy life’ benefits. The famous ‘Blue Zones’ research found that cultures around the world where life-span is exceptionally long, all […]

Is a plant-based wholefood diet the new hand washing?

Dirty infected hands are fine while dealing with infectious diseases? In the 1800s, Austrian Dr Ignaz Semmelweiss advocated hand washing between patients to keep hospitals clean and hygienic. He was branded a disgrace by the medical profession. A large number of surgeries were complicated by infection, there was a high risk of death due to […]

Nearly 100 studies show that plant-based wholefood diets save lives

Here is another massive summary of research (released and compiled as a meta-analysis – a collection of various different studies and research project results), that defines again how powerful plant-based diets are – be they vegetarian, vegan, plant-based or very low-level meat diets. As I have recommended for the last 30 years, the science is […]