The Secret to Sustainable Health Changes

  • How do we change our bad habits?
  • How do we eat less?
  • How do we raise our children on better-quality food?
  • How do we educate them on what modern junk food does to the human body?
  • How do we lower the food-borne illness that is heart disease?
  • How do we annihilate the global pandemic that is obesity, which directly leads to preventable diabetes?
  • How do we alter our daily lives in a way that we wipe out modern lifestyle cancers such as bowel cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer and prostate cancer?
  • What are the simple things that we can all do every day that will make the biggest difference to our health, vitality, ageing, longevity, disease risk and genetic expression?
  • How do we regain control over our health to the degree that we are not relying on man-made medications and drugs to prop us up as we age?

It is about attitude and behaviour, not money

We actually know what to do. The science is rigorous, clear, unanimous and signposted by the centenarians. Inspiration, education, support, community and healthy recipes, whilst cutting through the cynicism of ‘It’s all about my genetics’ or ‘I can’t achieve that’ or ‘I have big bones’ or ‘That disease is in my family so I am going to get sick, no matter what I do’… A long healthy life is not actually about money, fame, power or medications. If your health fails, it does not matter how rich you are as no amount of money can buy health. Health must be earned through diet, lifestyle and environmental choices; through investment in healthy habits; through doing what works for the human body. You cannot buy health and longevity with money, you can only buy it through behaviour.

The secret to healthy disease-free longevity is:

  1. Changing behaviour
  2. Changing daily habits
  3. Changing your diet and lifestyle
  5. Over time

The keyword here, the scary word, the word that is most confronting, is; change.


The information and recipes on this website will help you support this change.


Written by Jason Shon Bennett from

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