For the Health of Our Planet and its People

Our TONZU brand looks beyond profit. The company mission and values are that any profit made is never at the expense of the planet or the health of its people.

We believe that organic food is more sustainable economically, environmentally and personally for all people across all walks of life. We feel proud that the TONZU brand is a truly healthy food choice for you, your family and our shared communities.

The healthier way to a more balanced diet

Research, investigation and experience show us that in the western world, we are prone to eat too much meat and dairy products, and usually unhealthy versions of these.

At Chalmers Organics Ltd we believe that not only is this bad for human beings - because of the farming techniques required to mass manufacture meat and dairy for over-consumption, this is also very detrimental to our planet. Our solution is to bring back balance to people’s diets and our planet. The TONZU range of products is our contribution to this solution.

TONZU products provide a healthy, value-for-money alternative to eating meat 7 days a week. Whether you’re a committed vegetarian or looking for some balance to complement a diet of meat, TONZU products provide you with protein options, and the inspiration to create delicious dishes. These can become part of your weekly suite of meal options in the absence of, or alongside, traditional meat & dairy-based dishes.

We believe TONZU products are a truly healthy food choice for you, your family and everyone else on earth