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Many people have asked me exactly what tofu and tempeh I eat and what brand I choose so I thought it was time for an article just on this. The answer is very simple, I eat TONZU tofu and tempeh because I consider them the very best available. I have looked at pretty much every soy product there is and there are very good ones (such as TONZU) and there are very bad ones (see my ‘Soybeans’ article for that). I discovered it, tried it, loved it and raved about it independently before I learnt about the company ethics and passion. The reasons I love the TONZU range are; a perfect mix of quality ingredients, following traditional wisdom, genuinely caring about how they make it, always wanting to be the best they can be, a focus on innovation, and an environmental/community focus.


‘At TONZU we make our soymilk using the traditional and original Japanese handmade process of overnight soaking, stone grinding and pressing. The fresh milk is then curdled using Nigari, a natural seawater derivative, giving our tofu its mild, subtle flavour and uniquely healthy, digestible texture. TONZU tofu is handmade, certified organic and free from calcium sulphate making it the best it can be for your body, the planet and everything else…’
Daniel Chalmers, Chalmers Organics, TONZU.


What is the company background?

Their story began in the 1970s after the unconventional healing of a young family member, Daniel Chalmers (now a key player in the business). The family’s experience of his healing through a diet of natural organic wholefoods inspired them to follow their passion for healthy lifestyles, organics and sustainable food sources. The result – Chalmers Organics; a family company dedicated to supplying organic soy products to people who share that same passion for a healthy lifestyle and a healthy planet. Funnily enough, if you have read my first book ‘Eat Less, Live Long’, then you will remember that I actually started out my own health journey at Harvest Wholefoods (one of their earlier business creations) back in the 1980s!


What’s not to like?

TONZU is New Zealand’s only 100% certified organic tofu manufactured using traditional Japanese methods of soaking, draining, filtering and cooking. The curds and whey are separated with the natural sea salt derivative called Nigari. This gives the tofu its distinct flavour and unique medium firm texture. No calcium sulphate is used. TONZU Tempeh is currently the only commercial tempeh made in New Zealand. It is created fresh daily with only 100% certified organic soybeans using the traditional fermentation methods over a period of 30 hours.


Chalmers Organics also do a range of other delicious soybean products we all love as a family. I am a REAL FAN of this small, local, family-run, NZ Company. I have personally bought their products over many years and I am thrilled they are here in NZ giving us the great options they do.


Written by Jason Shon Bennett from

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