Embrace change, you cannot fight it

‘Change is not something many of us like. We like things to remain as they are, however, change is inevitable and, indeed, is the one constant and reliable thing we have in our lives. When you embrace it, miracles can happen …’
Jason Shon Bennett


Open your mind, study, learn, research; CHANGE

One of the hardest things for a human being to do is to change and then remain consistent with that change. Change does not always happen as we envision it, and it can be very hard to adjust to it. The big shift in thinking for me came when I realised that the pain of remaining the same was greater than the pain of changing. The pain of having no energy, no breath, regular back pain, cold sores, constipation and bad skin was bad enough for me to change my life.


Change, I discovered, was internal

So I studied. I studied hard. Food, diet, fasting, exercise, flexibility, calories, acid versus alkaline, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, how the body works, traditional diets, the bowels, vegetables, fruits, wholegrains, meat and dairy products, the internal organs, intolerances, food ingredients, additives … the list went on and on. What became very clear to me was that if I really wanted to get well, to get to a level of super-health, then I was going to have to change my behaviour.


I was learning at an astronomical rate and I slowly started making progress with my health.

Step by step, I learned little gems that gave me instant benefits. I went to seminars. I asked healthy people for advice about what they did. I tried different eating regimes such as macrobiotic, vegan, fasting, raw foods and elimination diets, and I found golden rules in each. I devoured books. Over six years, a miracle happened. I cured my body and totally transformed my health and my life. Was it easy? No, it wasn’t, but it was worth it. As the great Spock once said, ‘Change is the essential process of all existence’.


Change is happening to you every day, every hour, every minute, right now while you read this. The only real question to ask yourself is; ‘Is the change I make going to serve me or make me sick and unhappy?’


Written by Jason Shon Bennett from jasonshonbennett.com

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