TONZU Organic Tofu - Food for Life
(BioGro Certified)

An amazing (BioGro certified) organic protein source that is very versatile and very good value for money. Blend into smoothies or scramble on toast for BREAKFAST! Add protein to vegetable curries and salads for LUNCH. Cook up in soups or casseroles, stir-frys and lasagnes for DINNER, and make popular DESSERTS like cheesecake, custard or whipped cream!

Many Kiwis haven’t yet experienced the world of TONZU Tofu. Perhaps preconceived ideas about eating tofu have kept you from trying the amazing array of cuisine options our product offers. We hope that is about to change when you try TONZU Tofu, and experiment with the variety of easy & delicious recipes we offer.

Add TONZU Tofu as a protein choice to at least one of your weekly meals and gain a host of practical + health benefits;

  • Value for Money - Our 100% certified organic TONZU Tofu is just $15 per kilo

    Compare this with the per-kilo price of standard and organic meats. It makes TONZU Tofu a real value-for-money option to give your family a sustainable organic protein each week!

  • Versatile and Easy to use:

    From protein shakes and smoothies to burgers, bbqs, stir frys, casseroles, stews, soups, salads, snacks, cheesecakes, custards and whipped cream, TONZU Tofu serves as a wholesome ingredient in an amazing array of traditional Kiwi dishes – Check out our recipe & serving suggestions for some tasty and easy inspiration...

  • Ideal for a balanced diet and effective weight management.

    At Chalmers Organics we believe that good health and a nutritious diet is all about balance in your daily meal choices. Alongside vegetarian cuisine, we offer TONZU Tofu as a low fat and cholesterol-free protein option to add to a meat-eater’s weekly suite of protein sources. It is an easy way to greatly reduce your family’s total intake of saturated fats and cholesterol while still maintaining high protein levels. All at an affordable price!

  • Rich in Minerals & Vitamins

    TONZU Tofu is an ideal source of calcium - An essential mineral for healthy teeth and bones. When coagulated with nigari, as our TONZU Tofu is, regular tofu contains 23% more calcium by weight than dairy milk. TONZU Tofu is also a good source of other minerals such as iron, phosphorus, potassium and sodium, of essential B vitamins, choline and fat-soluable vitamin E.

  • Easy to digest

    In Western countries many traditional high-protein foods such as meat and dairy products are quite hard for some people to digest. TONZU Tofu comes in a soft and highly digestible form, making it a great option for EVERYONE, particularly those with ‘sensitivities’ to other protein foods.

  • Traditionally-made & Certified Organic (BioGro);

    Apart from the removal of crude soybean fibre, TONZU Tofu is a wholefood made from simple natural ingredients. Our soya beans are 100% BIOGRO certified organic. We manufacture TONZU Tofu using ancient traditional Japanese methods – Whole soya beans are soaked, ground, cooked and pressed to produce true and natural soy milk. Our curds and whey are separated with a natural sea salt derivative called Nigari. This is the resulting mineral-rich substance after sea salt has been extracted from sea water - It gives TONZU Tofu it’s distinct flavour, unique medium firm texture and in turn it’s great versatility in the kitchen!


  • Certified organic soya beans (guaranteed to be not genetically modified)
  • Filtered Water
  • Natural Coagulant Nigari

Nutritional Information

SERVE/ 100g
Energy 510kJ
Protein 12g
Fat TOTAL 4.4g
Fat saturated 1.0g
Trans fat NIL
Carbohydrate TOTAL 3.4g
Sugars <0.1g
Cholesterol NIL
Sodium 3.3mg
Calcium 170mg
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